Introduction: Pregnancy and childbirth is considered as a physiological process and it is associated with certain risks to the life of mother and newborn baby. Birth-preparedness and complication readiness is a comprehensive strategy to improve maternal and newborn health. This study was done to observe impact of educational status and Parity of mother-in-laws on awareness and practices regarding birth preparedness and complication readiness.


Methods: The study was conducted in Banke district. The duration of study was from August 2011 to August 2012. Descriptive cross-sectional study was followed. One hundred mothers-in-law were selected through simple random procedure. Semi-structure interview schedule was used to collect information.


Results: The mean age of mothers-in-law was 52.33 (SD=8.96) years. Majority (82.0%) mothers-in-law were illiterate with lack of awareness and practice about birth preparedness and complication readiness.


Conclusion: Inadequate practices on birth preparedness and complication readiness were prevalent in illiterate mothers-in-laws.