“Solidarity Trial”: A Feeling of Trust Towards COVID-19 Treatments

Keywords: COVID-19, Solidarity trial


Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) drugs are not being developed at the pace in which the disease is spreading throughout the world. WHO and its partners have announced the worldwide clinical trial on 18th March 2020, known as “Solidarity Trial” for greater co-ordination of developments of drugs. “Solidarity Trialis an international clinical trial to help find an effective treatment for COVID-19”. The trial is randomized, open-label and adaptive. This trial will analyze four treatment options against standard of care, after recruiting patients from various countries, and then will approach to their relative effectiveness against the disease. The aim of this trial is to rapidly explore if any of the administered drugs will slow progression of disease or improve survival.

The rationale of conducting “Solidarity Trial” is to reduce time taken by the trials. Randomized clinical trials generally take years to conduct, while, “Solidarity Trial” will reduce the duration by 80%. By enrolling patients from around the world, this trial might be able to provide result more rapidly than multiple small trials. Moreover, those small multiple trials will not be able to gather solid evidence required to determine the relative effectiveness of given unproven drugs. 


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Author Biography

Naresh Karki, Lumbini Medical College Teaching Hospital

Assistant Professor,

Depertment of Pharmacology.


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