Disruption of Anatomy Dissection Practical in COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges, Problems and Solutions

Keywords: Anatomy, COVID-19, Dissection


We are undergoing crisis for humanity with corona virus disease (COVID-19) causing extensive damage to life and its aspects. Moreover we do not know how this will unfold in near future. All the academic classes are suspended during nationwide lockdown to alleviate the propagation. It is high time to rethink ways to deliver quality medical education under restriction of social isolation and absenteeism in real time teachings and discussions. We propose, based upon our experiences, replacement of didactic gross anatomy dissection with handmade dissection videos and its implications. It has its own challenges which could be overcome with planned directives based upon current experience.

What is the magnitude of the problem?
In this gloomy environment of forced absenteeism, reluctance in study plans and procrastination requires
counseling for emphasizing the importance of tight declining schedule and benefits of timely curriculum
for covering huge syllabus. Traditional methods of face-to-face educational didactics, lectures and chalk talks has been compromised like no other time in past. Use of education technology at a mass scale for economically deprived countries, limited availability of techno friendly medical educators and adaptation of student to newer teaching techniques was already restrained in pre-pandemic time. Also, the alignment of new teaching format with amount of content and duration of topic coverage, necessary and safe enough to train for effective practice of problem-based learning warrants reorganizing available resources. From student’s perspective,
accommodation and fooding concerns in lockdown, poor internet access with intermittent disconnection,
lack of high-end laptops and absenteeism are major concerns, which precluded us from live streaming of
gross anatomy dissection. Also, it is to be ensured that changes in teaching style have positive impact
on amount and depth of concerned knowledge.


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Author Biographies

Nidhi Gupta, GSVM Medical college, Kanpur, India

Assistant Professor,

Department of Anatomy.

Suniti Pandey, GSVM Medical college, Kanpur, India

Professor and Head,

Department of Anatomy.


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