Why a Medical Career and What are Pros and Cons of medical profession?

Beliefs of Students at Lumbini Medical College

  • Sahadeb Prasad Dhungana Lumbini Medical College
  • M S Paudel Lumbini Medical College
  • Bishal Khatri Chhetri Lumbini Medical College
  • Shamsuddin _ Lumbini Medical College
Keywords: medical profession, encouraging, discouraging factors



Introduction: Medicine is one of the noblest of all professions and is one of the rapidly expanding fields with increasing number of private medical colleges in the past few years. Several international studies over the years have explored perceptions and preferences of students in choosing a career in medicine. This study was done with the objective to assess students' views regarding selection of medicine as a career.


Methods: A survey study was conducted at Lumbini Medical College Teaching Hospital (LMCTH) where 300 students of both sexes were asked to fill a structured questionnaire.


Results: All medical students mentioned that they selected the medical profession because of personal interest. Of them, 285 (95%) students believed this profession offers services to humanity. However, 240 (80%) students felt that their family had an influence in their career selection. Among discouraging factors, 234 (78%) students mentioned that medical training is difficult and prolonged, 210 (70%) students said that the course is too expensive, 225 (75%) students felt that there is too much competition while 186 (62%) students expressed that doctors have excessive working hours and lack social life. Major factors in choosing LMCTH as study destination were compulsion because of failure to enroll at other colleges 180(60%), easy access to admission 120 (40%), cheaper than other medical colleges 165 (55%) and location near to hometown 24 (8%). Some of the discouraging factors were limited facilities 210 (70%), insufficient faculty members 270 (90%), newly established college and uncertain future 90 (30%).


Conclusion: Study concluded that reasons for joining medical profession are primarily based on personal interest, respect and honor, family influence and service to humanity; however, long working hours, prolonged training, expensive study, discourages many students.


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Sahadeb Prasad Dhungana, Lumbini Medical College


Department of Medicine

M S Paudel, Lumbini Medical College
Department of Medicine
Bishal Khatri Chhetri, Lumbini Medical College


Department of Medicine

Shamsuddin _, Lumbini Medical College
Department of Medicine
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