Original Research Article

Minimal Local Analgesic Dose of Intrathecal Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section: A Comparative Study

Jeevan Singh, Ashish Shrestha, Kalpana Kharbuja, Alex Tandukar, Abha Shrestha

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Trend of Breastfeeding and its Impact on Morbidity in Children in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Kathmandu

Anwesh Bhatta, Rydam Basnet

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Hand Index- A Forensic Tool for Sexual Dimorphism

Sanjay Kumar Sah, Bashir Ahmed Jeelani

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Drug Utilization Pattern by Using WHO Core Prescribing Indicators in Orthopedics and Obstetrics / Gynecology Departments of a Tertiary Care Hospital

Naresh Karki, Ruban Raj Joshi, Buddhi Kumar Shrestha, Pravin Prasad

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Depression and its Associated Risk Factors among Residents of a Geriatric Home in Western Nepal

Bandana Pokharel, Bhaskkar Sharma

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Cardio-respiratory Fitness in Medical Students by Queen’s College Step Test: A Cross-sectional Study

Bibek Koju, Shaligram Chaudhary, Anupama Shrestha, Lok Raj Joshi

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Case Report

Central Retinal Artery Occlusion Associated with Atrial Septal Defect: A Case Report

Sharad Gupta, Manoj Aryal, Yogita Rajbhandari, Ajay Adhikari, Vinit Kumar Kamble, Binod Aryal

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