Ovarian neoplasm is the commonest condition observed in gynecology practice. Both non-neoplastic as well neoplastic ovarian tumors are common. In the present study neoplastic ovarian tumors were analyzed for their age of occurrence, site of ovary involved and histological typing. Oophrectomy/Hysterectomy and Oophrectomy was performed on patient suffering from ovarian tumors and the specimens were sent to Pathology department LMC & Teaching Hospital for their histological study. The present study of 40 cases of ovarian neoplasm is from 2068/05/05 B.S. to 2070/05/30 B.S. The mean age of patient was 39 years with S.D of 1.25 years. The size of the tumor varies from 5 cm to 32.9 cm and weight varies from 41 gms to 350 gms. Commonest tumor was mature cystic teratoma (52.5 %) followed by serous cyst adenoma (30%). Not much difference was found for ovarian tumor regarding its site right and left ovary. Only two cases of malignant ovarian neoplasm were found in this study, one case (2.5 %) was of immature cystic teratoma and another (2.5 %) was of serous cyst adenocarcinoma.